The Role of a Realtor

Should You Hire A Realtor or Sell Your Home Yourself?

When you decide to sell your home, one of the choices you have to make is to choose whether or not to hire a realtor®. It's important that you know all the aspects of what an agent does for you so you can make an informed decision.

Realtors® are required to be fully licensed in the province of British Columbia, and offer the kind of expertise and service that you can't find elsewhere. We make sure your listing is advertised on the mls® system, which ensures maximum exposure amongst the local community. An agreement is struck that we will sell your house for an agreed upon commission on the final sale price.


Without question, a realtor® is able to provide the services I've listed below at a clients request:

arrow.png  Write up the listing agreement which is the formal agreement contractually between yourself and the agent and brokerage

arrow.png  Talk over the entire process with you in great detail so you enter the arrangement with your eyes open

arrow.png  Provide you with an evaluation of the value of your home that compares it to other listed properties in the area and homes that have sold in the recent past

arrow.png  Provide you with some useful tips on ways you can improve your property to attract as much attention as possible

arrow.png  Develop and implement a complete marketing effort to promote your home for sale

arrow.png  Pre-screen buyer potentials and arrange appointments to show your home at various times

arrow.png  Provide negotiation for the best offer that is possible on your home

arrow.png  Give a general overview of the legal and financial duties you have when selling your property

arrow.png  Give guidance and assistance to assist you in completing the sale of your property


The Kelowna market offers many options to people, including selling their homes on their own. While this might appear to be a good solution on the surface, it's critical to go over the nature of the process and make sure you are mentally prepared to navigate the responsibility on your own. Many of the homes that you see around town with a for sale by owner sign on the lawn will end up being sold on the market by a real estate agent. This is mainly because the average consumer does not know how stressful and complicated the real estate process can be. Some estimate their are over 150 steps to navigate to successfully complete a home sale and it's very crucial you ask yourself if you are ready for this.

We provide a comprehensive service to sellers in the greater Kelowna area, starting with providing you with an accurate price on your home. Marketing your property on the internet is a huge focus for us these days, and we do our very best to make sure your home is seen by as many consumers as possible.