Take the Smart Approach to Relocating

You've found your dream job. Even though it's in another province, it is too good to pass up. However, the move associated with that dream job could be a nightmare for family members who are being uprooted from friendly schools and communities.

Relocation is never easy, but there is more information available now than ever to facilitate the big transition. Need specialized schooling for your children? Looking for the best commute to your job? Seeking an area with good job prospects for another wage earner in your family? The Internet is full of data on cities, schools, neighborhoods and other resources. Also, check out the "unofficial" information on towns you are considering. Bloggers living in these communities provide insights into what it might be like to live in a certain area. Visit relocatecanada.com for moving tips and information on local movers, real estate, home improvement and other resources.

Consider the important documents you'll need to take with you. This includes hard copies of medical records, dental records and school records. Although some data is available via email, many health care providers still require signed, in-person requests for records transfers. Many medical offices and hospitals continue to maintain voluminous patient files. Make sure you receive everything you'll need.

Find the most capable real estate professionals in your current community, as well as your new city. If you have to sell a home, talk to your realtor about market conditions. With your agent, research sales activities in your neighborhood, and agree to a reasonable list price. Ask your realtor for suggestions on getting your home market-ready. If you know people in the area to which you are moving, ask for referrals on top real estate agents. A good agent is an invaluable resource for specific neighborhoods, schools and moving companies.

By doing your homework, you can make your relocation easier, and possibly, enjoyable.